Tour God's Word With The Rizers- VBS


Tour God's Word With The Rizers- VBS

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A vacation Bible school experience where God's Word and the Gospel get stuck in the hearts and minds of kids.

"Tour God's Word with The Rizers" will use the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John for daily kid engaged Bible Tour lessons. We will memorize Old and New Testament verses set to totally memorable Scripture songs from The Rizers. The week will also include large and small group times & "mini" concerts for parents! All of this and more for a Heartful of God's Word!

Main Theme: A Heartful of God's Word

Daily Themes/Scripture: 
Day 1- Heartful of Trust 
*Memory Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6 
*Bible Lesson: Peter & the net full of fish! 
Day 2- Heartful of Thanks 
*Memory Verse: Psalm 136:2-4 
*Bible Lesson: Jesus heals the lepers 
Day 3- Heartful of Love 
*Memory Verse: John 3:16 
*Bible Lesson: The lost sheep 
Day 4- Heartful of Prayer 
*Memory Verse: Luke 11:9-10 
*Bible Lesson: Bartimaeus Asks Jesus for healing 
Day 5- Heartful of Praise 
*Memory Verse: 2 Peter 3:18 
*Bible Lesson: Jesus talks about living water

Seeing kids come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and grow in their walk with Him is our main jam! So hop on the tour bus and take your kids on a Vacation Bible Experience they will never forget!

Kit includes: 
* Director's Tour Guide- Outlines for each event though out the day including "Tune Your Heart" opening & "Sing Your Heart Out" closing sessions, "Bible Tour" lessons, "Heart Strings" small group time, "Music Moves" Scripture memory time, craft, game, snack, & missions suggestions and more!

* Leader's Tour Guides

* DVD with 5 Sing-A-Long Scripture Song music videos from The Rizers w/ lyrics - (examples of our videos are available at

* CD-Rom with digital assets including video files, posters, banners, registration forms, chord charts for the daily Scripture songs, website banners, logos, name tags, leaders guides, skit scrips, coloring sheets and more!

* CD featuring the daily Scripture songs from The Rizers and includes instrumental versions with & without backgrounds for performance

* Promotional Posters

* The Rizers temporary tattoo sheet sampler

* Order Information for additional take home items (Tshirts, CD, The Rizers Temporary Tattoo Sheet)

* Missions Partnership with CURE International

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